Take a Hike

Hiking is Angel Fire’s most popular outdoor activity. And why not? It’s perfectly beautiful here in every season, and miles and miles of trails beckon, with grassy open meadows and cool, thick forests. And of course, the captivating views for which we’re famous. Whether you want to take a short leisurely stroll or you’re up for the strenuous trek to the top of Wheeler Peak, Angel Fire is your hiking base camp.

Prepared for Your Hike

At our altitude, the sun is close and the weather is changeable. We recommend you carry plenty of sunscreen as well as water, light snacks, rain gear, and a compass. Did we mention the sunscreen?

Monsoon Season

During our summer “monsoon” season (July and August) you might consider an early start to avoid the mid-late afternoon showers that frequently occur. Or just take your raingear, the monsoon rains usually pass in an hour or two. 

Winter Season

In the winter you can hike in the Carson National Forest, but the trails are not maintained. (Perhaps you’d like to try snowshoeing instead!) “Leave no trace” regulations apply year round. 

Contact Information

You can contact the Carson National Forest office at 575-758-6200 for additional information.

Trails in Cimarron Canyon

Trails in Cimarron Canyon are also available to hikers in the winter, though as noted above the trails are not maintained. At any time of year, there are also special fees to hike in Cimarron Canyon. You can contact the Cimarron Canyon State Park office at 575-377-6271 for more information

The Moreno Valley Trekkers

Looking for a group to hike with? The Moreno Valley Trekkers, more than a hundred strong, welcome visitors on their weekend and weekday hikes and snowshoe trips.