Programs & Training

Public Education Programs

Fire prevention and safety is a team effort between you and the Angel Fire Fire Department. We offer education programs to teach fire safety and prevention to children, seniors, and local businesses in our community.

Fire Safety Awareness Training

Fire Prevention and Safety education programs are offered to school age students. These programs are offered all year long but usually targeted in the Month of October during National Fire Prevention Week.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Our portable fire extinguisher training program is offered to all businesses large or small. This program includes learning the basic types of extinguishers, their components, and when and how to use the fire extinguisher.

Classroom Portion

Once the classroom portion of the program is completed, there is an opportunity for the class to use portable fire extinguishers in a practical exercise. This exercise includes picking the correct type of extinguisher, the direction of approach, and the application of the extinguishing agent on the fire. Class sizes are limited to 15 persons and a small fee is required to cover the cost of re-charging the extinguishers.

CPR Training

Our Public CPR training program is offered to all businesses or private citizens with groups of 4 to 15 persons. These classes are dependent upon the availability of certified CPR instructors, and there is a fee of $30 per person (including the cost of the card).