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Dedicated to Serving You, Our Community

The Mission of the Angel Fire Fire Department is to preserve and protect lives and property from the adverse effects of fires or exposure to dangerous conditions, to provide a high level of quality care for medical emergencies, and to protect our citizens through proactive education, prevention, and response. One of several ways to protect the lives and property of the citizens and visitors of Angel Fire is through proactive fire inspections and public education programs.


The Chief of Fire and EMS is responsible for the enforcement of the Village of Angel Fire Fire Code, which adopts the International Fire Code, 2015 edition. The Village's Fire Code prescribes regulations consistent with nationally recognized good practices for the safeguarding to a reasonable degree life and property from the hazard of fire, explosion, and other conditions, which may pose a hazard to life and property in the use or occupancy of buildings or premises.


The Angel Fire Fire Department has jurisdiction to inspect (for fire and life safety violations) all commercial buildings, multi-family dwellings, any place with a business license within the Village's jurisdiction. Fire inspections of buildings and premises can be divided into new construction and existing buildings.

New Construction

Plans for all proposed new building construction or the remodeling of any building, structure, premise and all construction requiring a permit shall be submitted to the Planning Department of the Village of Angel Fire for review and approval. If you require an inspection for new construction or an acceptance test for newly installed fire protection system (i.e. fire alarm or suppression system) or have any question concerning new construction please call our Planning Department at 575-377-1389.

Existing Buildings

Generally, existing buildings and short-term rental properties require a Certificate of Occupancy to operate or have fire protection systems installed. These are mandated by an annual fire inspection.

Schedule a Fire Inspection

If you would like to schedule an annual fire inspection for an existing business or building or have any questions, please contact the Fire Department at 575-377-3347 to make an appointment.

Safety Inspections

The Angel Fire Department will also be conducting fire safety inspections at-will until such a time that an annual schedule can be established. All new businesses within the village of angel fire receiving a business license will require a fire safety inspection prior to opening/operating and all existing businesses applying for license renewals will require a fire safety inspection but can remain in operation. There is a fee for the fire safety inspections, and the fee is based on the total square footage of the occupancy.