Solid Waste Transfer Station

Solid Waste Transfer Station Refuse Rate

Angel Fire property owners and businesses are assessed a monthly fee for solid waste disposal of household trash. Rates are established by Village Ordinance passed by the Village Council. This fee is calculated to cover the disposal cost of the Village of Angel Fire for daily household trash, i.e. trash that fits into an ordinary garbage bag.

Household Trash

Household trash may be placed in one of the Village dumpsters located at the Recycle Park at 27 Halo Pines Terrace or brought to the Angel Fire Solid Waste Collection Center at 55 Camino Grande in Angel Fire. Dumpster are for use of residents inside Angel Fire Village limits.

If you are using a Village dumpster, please remember that only garbage secured in a garbage bag may be placed inside the dumpsters. Make sure the lid is closed and latched, otherwise you are littering.

Rates & Disposal

If you have other trash that does not fit the description of household trash, please review the following rates and specific disposal of this trash:

  • Asphalt Paving: $55 per cubic yard
  • Concrete: $75 per cubic yard
  • Construction and Demolition (Heavy Material): $23 per cubic yard
  • Construction and Demolition:$18 per cubic yard
  • Mattresses and Box Springs
    • King: $20 each piece
    • Queen: $15 each piece
    • Twin: $10 each piece
  • Refrigerator/Refrigeration Units (Freon): $45 per compressor
  • Tires (Varies by Size)
    • Up to 16 inches: $5 each
    • 17 inches to 23 inches: $9 each
    • Greater than 23 inches: $15 each
  • Tree Stumps: $45 per stump
  • White Goods (Large): $10 per each unit
  • White Goods (Small): $5 per each unit
  • Wood Pallets: $1 per pallet

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials are not accepted at the Angel Fire Solid Waste Collection Center. Liquids of any type are also not accepted.