Guide to Recycling & Refuse

Yes, Angel Fire Recycles! You too can be a part of our green effort. Why recycle? For all the following simple reasons:

  • Adds value to our economy
  • Saves energy
  • Saves natural resources
  • Saves our environment for future generations
Recycle Angel Fire (JPG)

Why Recycle

The following are a few good reasons why we should recycle:

  • Recycling 1 aluminum can equals the equivalent savings of 3 hours of power for a TV.
  • Recycling all steel currently thrown away would provide enough steel for all new cars made in America.
  • Recycling creates 5 times as many jobs as land filling.
  • Recycling motor oil preserves clean ground water. One quart of oil can pollute over 250,000 gallons of ground water.
  1. Household Waste
  2. What You Can Recycle
  3. What You Can't Recycle
  4. Where You Can Recycle
  5. When You Can Recycle

Normal household trash can be taken to dumpsters located at the Recycle Park at 27 Halo Pines Terrace or Collection Center at 55 Camino Grande.

Please do not place the following in any dumpsters:

  • Appliances
  • Construction materials
  • Furniture or industrial waste
  • Liquids
  • Ashes