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Angel Fire Collection Center

The Angel Fire Collection Center is a small municipal solid waste facility. It is not a landfill. We are limited as to the type and amount of material we can accept.

The Village of Angel Fire Collection Center is also a full-service recycling center for Angel Fire. 

Bagging trash and using trash bags is a very important step in keeping our town clean and litter free. Loose trash is very hard to keep contained during dumping and transportation. All it takes is a slightly breezy day to turn the hopper of a garbage truck into something resembling a wind tunnel and loose trash often ends up outside the truck and on the roads and highways around town. If loose trash blows away while we’re dumping it into the truck or while driving to the next location we have to chase it down because littering is illegal. Please help keep our town clean.

"Commodity" Materials

Please note the following, effective on April 26, 2016:

Materials collected in the Village of Angel Fire recycling program are processed, baled and sold. These materials are a “commodity” and the price for these commodities fluctuates.


The last plastics that were picked up for recycling in 2015 received no money to offset the costs of collecting, processing bales and delivery costs. Therefore, the Village of Angel Fire must make the prudent decision to suspend collection of plastics and plastic bottles for recycling. The Village will continue to monitor the market for recyclable plastics so that when/if the market recovers, we will resume collection of plastics for recycling.

Until such time as the market recovers, the dumpsters for recycling plastics will be removed and plastics should be placed in the household waste dumpsters with your household garbage.

Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact the Angel Fire Transfer Station at 575-377-6967.

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