NEWS ARTICLE: 12-28-16

Notice of a 30-Day Public Comment Period and Community Meeting

The New Mexico Environment Department's (NMED) Surface Water Quality Bureau (SWQB) is inviting the public to comment on the withdrawal of the 2004 dissolved aluminum "total maximum daily load" (TMDL) document for Cieneguilla Creek (Eagle Nest Lake to headwaters).


During the 2009-2010 triennial review of New Mexico's surface water quality standards for interstate and intrastate surface waters, SWQB proposed to replace the dissolved aluminum water quality criteria (WQC) for aquatic life with hardness-based total recoverable aluminum WQC. The Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) approved the hardness-based total recoverable aluminum WQC on October 14, 2010, and USEPA approved these WQC on June 18, 2012 for surface waters with pH > 6.5. As a result of this water quality standards change, the dissolved aluminum standard no longer applies.

Therefore, SWQB is proposing the withdrawal of the dissolved aluminum TMDL.


The 30-day comment period on this document will open January 4, 2017, and will close February 3, 2017, at 4:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST). Formal comments for inclusion in the public record must

be submitted in writing preferably by email (wa 1• );or by mailing to Wayne

Urbonas  NMED SWQB, P.O. Box 5469, Santa Fe, NM,87502; or faxing to (SOS) 827-0160, ATTN: Wayne Urbonas.


A public meeting will be held to summarize the information and to provide a forum for interested parties to ask questions and provide comments. The meeting will be held in Angel Fire on Tuesday, January 17, 2017, from 4:30-6:30pm at Village of Angel Fire's Council Chambers, 3388 Mountain View Blvd., Angel Fire, NM. Following the close of the comment period, copies of the Response to Comments appendix will be:

  • • mailed to all persons who submitted written comments during the public comment period; and
  • • available electronically on the bureau's website or by contacting the bureau at the address above.


The SWQB plans to present the Cieneguilla Creek TMDL withdrawal proposal at the Water Quality Control Commission's (WQCC) regularly scheduled meeting on April 11, 2017. WQCC agendas are available at:


Persons having a disability and needing help in being a part of this process should contact Vince Velarde at least 10days before the event, at the NMED, Human Resources Bureau, P.O. Box 5469, 1190 St.

Francis Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87502, telephone 1-800-219-6157. TDY users please access his number via the New Mexico Relay Network at 1-800-659-8331.


For more information, please contact Wayne Urbonas at (505) 827-2820 or wayne.urbonas@state.nm. us.