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Keeping the Forest Thinned for Angel Fire's Safety


Wildland Fire Protection Plan, Slash Disposal Program Policy & Overview 


Objective: The primary objective of the slash disposal program is to assist Village property owners in their wildfire preparedness. The Village is committed to becoming a Fire Adapted Community and taking action to reduce wildfire risks throughout the community before a wildfire occurs.


Village of Angel Fire Investment: The Village of Angel Fire governing body, working with the administration and staff, have invested in these objectives by allowing Angel Fire property owners to dispose of secured loads of slash without additional disposal fees.  Property owners may choose to hire a contractor to transport their slash to the Transfer Station. (See "Contractors Hauling Slash" section) In order to qualify for the disposal of slash with no additional fees if having a contractor haul his slash to the Transfer Station, the property owner and or contractor must secure a Slash Disposal slip from Village Hall. The following information is required in order to process the permit and verify eligibility for slash disposal at the Village Transfer Station on a no additional fee basis (Delivery must comply with applicable requirements below):

  1. Physical Address of the lot (PO Box number does not qualify)
  2. Name of legal owner of property
  3. Property owners phone number
    1. Name of person, including business name if applicable, delivering the slash and his or her telephone number.

This information will be randomly verified and lots may be inspected to ensure compliance and discourage

unauthorized slash disposal from non-qualifying properties. In addition, the rules set out herein must be complied with.


  1. PERMIT-All lots being thinned MUST have a Permit visibly displayed on a tree or stake near roadway

or entrance to the property and must remain on the lot until all work is completed and all slash rem oved. Permit must have the following information:

(1)    Date

(2)     Address

(3)    Lot number

(4)     Property owners name

(5)     Property owners phone number

(6)    Contractors name or business name

(7)    Contractor telephone number

  1. SLASH POLICY- Information and rules pertain to slash and its disposal.


Pick up Program: The slash pick up program starts April 1st and ends October 15th . Angel Fire property owners may also utilize the Village's services in picking up and disposal of slash from their properties.  All property owners wishing to utilize these services MUST call the Public Works office at 575 -377-7004.

Note: Some properties will not be suitable to participate in the pick-up service provided by the Village due to the property location, topography, right-of-way restrictions, obstructions and/or an unsafe condition. A site inspection will determine if the slash material can be safely picked up.  All property owners and/or contractors MUST contact the Public Works office prior to placing slash material within the Village right-of­ ways. Slash placed within or on Village right-of-ways without Village permitting, knowledge and or consent is illegal dumping or littering and may be subject to citations, fines and/or penalties. When a violation of this policy occurs, a pick-up fee of $15.00/cubic yard will be accessed to the property owner or contractor. If any damage occurs to Village ROW or Roadway because of slash placement the property owner and/or contractor will be responsible for cost of repairs.


Important points to remember are:

  1. Pick-up service is for SLASH only; no pine needles, stumps, construction debris, dirt, rocks, or trash of any kind. If slash has any of the above items, the slash will not be picked up and the contractor or property owner will have to dispose of the pile or remove the above items.
  2. We currently cannot handle slash that is greater than twelve inches (12") in diameter and/or greater than eight feet (8') in length.
  3. Slash must be neatly stacked within fifteen feet (15') of the public road due to the length of the grappler arm and MUST NOT be on the road or obstructing any Village right of way to include ditches and drainage areas. If not sure of placement of slash, call for site inspection.
  4. Slash piles must be no greater than ten feet (10') long with slash piled parallel to the roadway in a single direction.  Multiple piles will be spaced with two feet (2') spacing between piles.
  5. Slash piles may not be placed directly under power lines or on top of any exposed ground cables.
  6. Slash piles will not be placed within four feet (4') of water meters and/or cable, telephone, broadband or electric pedestals.
  7. Slash material that can be picked up with the grapple will be removed; any small sized material beyond the capability to be picked up by the grapple that is left behind will be the lot owner's responsibility to clean up and dispose.
  8. Owner's properties that do not have a suitable location for the piling of slash (see note above) will be required to transport their slash to the transfer station.

10. CLEAN UP – The property owner or contractor is responsible for cleanup of the slash pile.

11. If the property owner or contractor need to thin a lot between October 15th and April 1st, the slash must be kept within the lot boundaries and not placed in the easement. It may be brought out for pickup after April 1st or slash can be hauled into the transfer station by the property owner or contractor when conditions allow the slash pit to be open.


Larger Branches and Tree Trunks: All tree trunks and limbs over five inches (5") in diameter but less than twelve inches (12") in diameter (if not kept by the homeowner or contractor) MUST be de-limbed and cut into no greater than eight feet (8') lengths. Once de-limbed and blocked to less than eight feet (8') in length, the large branches and tree trunks MUST be piled separate from the smaller slash material. As with other slash piles, these stacked timber piles must be no greater than ten feet (10') long with slash piled parallel to the roadway in a single direction.  Multiple piles will be spaced with two feet (2') spacing between piles.


Slash From Outside The Village of Angel Fire Limits: Secured loads of slash originating from property or properties outside the Village of Angel Fire limits can be disposed of at the Transfer Station for a fee of $10.00 per cubic yard, pursuant to the rules set out herein.


Contractors Hauling Slash: Homeowners may either need to or elect to retain a contractor to thin their property and/or transport their slash to the Transfer Station. Prior to delivering the first load, the homeowner or his agent must obtain a permit from Village Hall for his contracted thinning effort. This permit will verify the eligibility for free disposal. The permit must accompany the first load by the contractor, and will be retained by Transfer Station personnel throughout the duration of the contract.


Property owner hauling their own slash: A property owner hauling their own slash to the Transfer Station must obtain a permit with an address, amount of slash and a signature before bringing it to the transfer station.


Delivery of Slash Material to the Transfer Station: The following rules and requirements apply to everyone transporting slash material to the Transfer Station per Resolution 2013-10:


  • Slash Only: Slash loads must contain only qualified slash disposable material; no pine needles, stumps, construction debris, dirt, rocks, or trash of any kind.
  • Slash Mixed with Other Debris: Loads of slash mixed with other debris must be unloaded inside the Transfer Station at a fee of $15 .00 per cubic yard depending on the material. We strongly advise NOT to bring mixed loads!
    • Stumps, Rocks, Dirt: Loads containing stumps, rocks, and/or dirt are NOT included in the slash program, and will be charged a minimum of $20 .00 per cubic yard depending on the amount of contamination.
    • Loose pine needles: Loose pine needles are not considered to be in the slash pickup program, and must be bagged and hauled to the Transfer Station. Pine needles from properties located in the Village Limits will be handled at no additional charge, material from properties outside the Village limits will be charged at a rate of $5/cubic yard.
      • Secured Load: All loads delivered to the Transfer Station must be completely covered with a tarp and/or strapped as to prevent any material from falling onto the roadways; this includes the tailgate area on both trucks and trailers.

o     -Unsecured slash loads arriving at the Transfer Station will be subject to a $5/cubic yard regardless of property of origin. Note: Unsecured loads may be subject to additional fines and penalties by law enforcement .


Unloading at Slash Pit: 

  • Do NOT enter the slash pit until the Transfer Station Attendant has inspected your load and you have completed the required paperwork.
    • NO smoking is allowed anywhere on the Transfer Station property, including the slash pit.
    • Please drive slowly and carefully while at the Transfer Station and slash pit.
    • Children and pets must remain inside your vehicle for their safety while at the Transfer Station and/or Slash Pit.



Monday - Friday 7am to 3pm - NO EXCEPTIONS 








Revised: 4/5/2016