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Where do I put my Solid Waste?

Bagged household trash may be placed in one of the Village dumpsters located at the Recycle Center at 27 Halo Pines Terrace or brought to the Angel Fire Solid Waste Collection Center at 55 Camino Grande in Angel Fire. Solid Waste may only be transported to the Collection Center inside a completely covered vehicle or under a tarped open trailer or pickup bed, so as to prevent littering onto the public roadways from the top, bottom or sides of a load. Repeat offenders will not be allowed to unload. In the case of no-charge clean slash loads, the no-charge disposal privilege will be forfeited and the loads will be charged $6 per cubic yard. Judgment of the Collection Center staff attendant is final as to whether the load is properly tarped.


What is Clean Slash?

Clean slash is branches, twigs, rotted logs and other vegetation associated with tree removal. Only clean slash from lots or addresses within Angel Fire Village limits qualify for no-charge disposal.


What is NOT Clean Slash?

Clean slash does not apply to any manufactured products including lumber, plywood and particleboard. Clean slash does not include logs or stumps larger than 12” in diameter. Clean slash does not include any rocks or dirt.


What am I charged for a mixture of Clean Slash and non-slash?

Mixed loads of slash and non-slash are charged at regular non-slash loads. This is $15 per cubic yard. We advise you not to bring in mixed loads.


What does my monthly fee pay for?

This fee covers the disposal of household bagged trash. It does not cover the disposal of discarded household items of furniture, appliances, mattresses, tires, auto parts, building materials and any other large, heavy, bulky items.


Where can I recycle items?

The Village of Angel Fire recycles corrugated cardboard, aluminum cans at the Angel Fire Collection Center. Also accepted for recycle at the Collection Center are printer cartridges, mercury switches, thermostats, thermometers, cell phones, rechargeable batteries, car batteries, motor oil and antifreeze. Hazardous materials and liquids of any type are not accepted, as per New Mexico law. If in doubt whether an item is recyclable or not, please call 575-377-6967.


What is considered Littering?

Littering is a violation of New Mexico law. Littering is considered the placement of solid waste anywhere but into a proper disposal receptacle. Placing solid waste (trash bags) on top or beside a dumpster is considered littering. Placing garbage anywhere that wildlife such as birds and bears can gain access and spread it around the area is also considered littering. Debris spilling from loads being hauled is littering.