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Mayor of Angel Fire

3300 Mountain View Blvd
Angel Fire, NM 87710
Phone: 575-377-3232 ext. 122
Fax: 575-377-3280


Angel Fire - The perfect location

Angel Fire has long been associated with the New Mexico film industry. As a location Angel Fire has much to offer during all four seasons with majestic mountains and valley terrain. There are many unique locations, both indoor and out that appeal to the filmmaker.


From the 1978 “Every Which Way But Loose” when the truck went into Monte Verde Lake through the 1989 TV mini-series “Lonesome Dove” to the 2013 “The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer (Tonto and the Lone Ranger) buried up to their necks in one of the Angel Fire greenbelt areas, Angel Fire has actively participated in the movies. Angel Fire has also had one movie, "The Bigfoot Election" that was made entirely in the Angel Fire area. From the writing, to the talent, to the filming, to the editing process and the final film, it is a true Angel Fire film.


The permitting process for the Village of Angel Fire is very simple. Fill out and submit the forms located in the Documents section, enclosing the appropriate fee and mail them to the Village of Angel Fire, PO Box 610, Angel Fire, New Mexico 87710.


If you wish to obtain more information about filming in and around Angel Fire, please email Barbara Cottam at or phone 575-377-3232.


Use the link “Reel Scout” to access the searchable database of the New Mexico Film Office for talented technicians, artists, production and location managers, designers and diverse support services that are based in Angel Fire and New Mexico.