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Angel Fire Proud

Angel Fire Proud’s mission is to engage individuals to take greater responsibility for our Community’s beautification.


Established in 2013, it consists of members from the Angel Fire Community, businesses & local organizations.  Work performed by each member is done on a voluntary basis.


The committee promotes the quality of life in Angel Fire by creating, participating in, and supporting activities that improve the physical & aesthetic environment of our community by:

  • Serving as a resource for residents, businesses, community organizations, the Moreno Valley High School, Village government & visitors.
  • Advocating a high standard of community cleanliness, maintenance & attractiveness.
  • Encouraging and promoting partnerships and participation of residents in improving our community.
  • Addressing a variety of issues including seasonal & holiday decorations, village cleanups, flower display competition, recycling & household waste program, various public education events & other projects.


Committee members are:  Chuck Howe, Village Council Liaison, Jimmy Linton, Staff Liaison, Carolyn Edwards, Coryee Hamons, Linda Hughes, Lisa Mitchell, Pete Peterson, Diane Peterson, Helen Tucker, Johnese Turri and Janet Warner.


The Angel Fire Proud Committee meets monthly at the Village Hall. The public is encouraged to attend.